Game Development,  Interactive Media,  &  Brand Creation

Welcome to UNOverse

Welcome to UNOverse, where we love innovating and creating interactive experiences.  Our work ranges from Game Development, Virtual Reality, Product Visualization, & Brand Creation.

Game Development

Virtual Reality

Brand Creation

Mobile Apps

A Little Bit About Us

We are GAME INDUSTRY VETERANS who love developing interactive media on all devices such as consoles, mobile, VR, and more.  We are a CREATIVE HOUSE formed by ARTISTS.  Some of our team members have been instrumental in the creation of some popular brands such as: Animal Jam, Disney Infinity, Snoopy Flying Ace, Dragonball Z, Morph3d’s Ready Player One, Metal Gear Solid, and Castlevania to name a few…


We are AVID GAMERS and we see a bright future ahead in the VR SPACE.  It is in its infancy, but just like mobile it is a new medium for interactivity and WE LOVE IT.   We are currently looking into building a business model around the VR space and working towards CREATING our own brand that we hope to launch in the VR platform.